Former Foundation Director Makes Plea Deal in Embezzlement Case


A Doniphan woman accused of embezzling from the Grand Island Community Foundation requested a change of plea hearing Thursday.

Lisa Katzberg, 46, pleaded not guilty in January, but has since reached a plea agreement with Hall County prosecutors.

Katzberg was charged with a single felony count of theft over $1,500 in October of 2012 for stealing from the Grand Island Community Foundation, an organization she worked for.

Prosecutors say that Katzberg embezzled thousands of dollars between June 1, 2009, and June 15, 2012. Authorities say an auditing firm found a bank account that Katzberg is alleged to have opened using foundation money to pay for private expenses.

Foundation board chairwoman Lynn Cronk has said Katzberg resigned on June 15 and has repaid the foundation more than $27,000.

Katzberg started working with the foundation, which is an umbrella organization that handles money from a variety of donors who wish to help the community, in May 2001.

The change of plea hearing has been requested for next week.

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