High Schoolers Promote Railroad Safety


    Three Elm Creek High School freshmen are pushing to keep others safe around railroad tracks.

    Taylor, Alison and Lauren are refreshing the importance of train safety for fellow students and those who traveled to the school's holiday basketball tournament on Wednesday.

    They said there are five tracks in Elm Creek where a train comes by at least 100 times a day.

    The freshmen said they want kids to know how to cross the tracks to school safely and have other routes planned if a train is stuck.

    "It's important for me as a new driver, the safety of going across the railroad tracks and to know what is safe and to follow rules and signs," said Allison Bauer.

    Eight times a day something or someone is hit by a train in the U.S., according to Operation Life Saver.

    The girls said accidents have happened in their town. They don't want to see any more and hope people really take the time to learn the safe way to cross the tracks.

    "The age groups that are hit are all across the board, but young people, with seniors get their senior pictures like that taken, it's against the law but more importantly it's unsafe, it's private property, so it's so important to get that message out as well as crossing the tracks safely whether on foot or in a vehicle," said Pat Leahy, Operation Lifesaver presenter.

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