Kearney Companies Like Yellow Van Busy After Friday's Storm


Many in the Kearney area continue cleaning up this week after Friday’s storm, which unloaded a lot of rain in a short period of time.

The storm dropped anywhere from 3.5 to 5 inches of rain in areas of Kearney.

Streets were flooded, and homes and businesses all across town saw water as well, especially those with egress windows to the basement or down slopes.

Within hours after the rain stopped, companies like Yellow Van who specialize in water removal were getting calls.

"Those guys worked most of the night and then started on calls on Saturday. And then we called in most of the guys that were off for the weekend and said okay who's not out of town, we need you to come in and start helping because a lot of people need us," said Yellow Van GM Mark Omvdevt.

Yellow Van brings in large industrial-sized vacuums and industrial fans to suck up water and dry out the affected areas.

They say there’s usually about a 72-hour grace period to get the water out before bigger problems like mold and mildew start to take hold.

If need be these types of companies will come back and take excess water, as well as add agents to make sure mold doesn't form down the road.
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