Kearney School Official Disagrees With Lautenbaugh Reading Idea


On Tuesday, Omaha state Senator Scott Lautenbaugh said he was preparing legislation that would prevent students from moving up to fourth grade if they did not pass reading tests or meet reading standards.

Kearney's associate superintendent Carol Renner says she is not in favor of the idea. She says she understands that Lautenbaugh is trying to improve education across the state, but says this idea may not be the best way to go about it.

The senator says he would make allowances for English as a Second Language students and special needs students.

However, Renner believes reading standards could add unneeded pressure in an elementary student's life.

She believes a bright student can be proficient in some subjects, but not necessarily all areas.

"Maybe they are a very good math student, maybe they show a good knowledge and cognitive development in science, it's a pretty extreme technique to try to make sure all kids are good readers," said Renner.

She adds that holding students back in third grade could be a quick fix, but could also impact a student's life in the long run.

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