Kearney's Cruise Nite


Cars are filling up for Kearney's annual Cruise Night.

Conrad Smith , classic car owner, said, "If we get to show off our vehicles, it gives the younger generation an idea of what used to be out there. It gives them a rundown of history."

Trevor likes classic cars. "They are all shiny and really cool," he said.

Cathey Chase said, "We're retired now. It gives us something to do. It's fun to do and the cars are just beautiful."

Smith recalled, "When we first started out, it wasn't really accepted by the public. But now it's one of the bigger attractions in Kearney."

"I just think they need to keep it going," Chase said. "It's getting bigger every year, more cars are here than last year. More people have been turning out and the weather is great."

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