Kids Learn Safety Skills from Heroes at 'R. Hero' Camp


There's a new program in Kearney giving kids an opportunity to learn life-saving skills from real life heroes.

From CPR to applying first aid, kids are practicing procedures taught by volunteer fire and EMT personnel from across the state. It's called R. Hero camp, inspired by the big red dalmatian sculpture the firefighter's museum got last year.

Organizers hope kids will gain confidence in knowing what to do during emergencies.

"The idea is to teach children how to be heroes, but how to do it safe and stuff like that, and what it takes to be a hero -- firefighters, EMT, military, things like that," said museum director Ali Abler. "So what we did was took that idea and say let's show them how to do it so that they're safe in the process."

Kids also learned how to dial 911, and took a field trip to the YMCA for water rescues.

This is the first year of the one-day camp. Organizers plan to make it an annual event.

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