Lexington Man Waives Prelim Hearing in Stabbing Death


Navor Millan has waived his preliminary hearing in relation to the late December murder of Douglas Matzar.

The 21-year old was found stabbed during the early morning hours on Saturday December 23rd and was later pronounced dead at Lexington Regional Health Center.

Millan was arrested for 2nd Degree Murder and use of a weapon to commit felony assault. Two others, David Martinez and Gregory Franco, were also arrested on assault charges.

Lexington Police Investigator Paul Schwarz testified at the hearing about the events of that night. According to Schwarz, surveillance video showed the fight between Millan and Matzar started at the Walmart and the two then followed each other to the house where the stabbing took place.

According to statements made in court, the argument continued at the house. Millan then went inside, got a hunting knife and came back out where he allegedly stabbed Matzar.

Matzar suffered wounds to the chest and head, including three broken ribs, punctured lung, punctured liver, lacerated heart, and one stab wound to temple

Millan confessed to the stabbing to police at the scene. He told officers he couldn't recall how many times he stabbed Matzar

Millan said the argument started because he saw Matzar punch a younger kid.

Millan initially placed the 9-1-1 call but then handed the phone to Martinez

Millan's will appear in District Court for his arraignment on Jan. 28th. The 21-year-old has no serious prior convictions but does have a record.

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