Nearly 700 Kids Participate in Kindergarten Days at Good Samaritan Hospital


Kids often have many questions about hospitals, which is why Good Samaritan Hospital in Kearney has been working for years to help give children a better understanding of what can seem like a daunting environment.

All week students from Kearney and surround communities have been getting a feel of the hospital with their very own school nurses. Officials say hearing it from a trusted source makes it more comfortable for the children.

"It feels more like reliable information to them and again, much less threatening. So when they have a hospital experience, because almost everybody will, they won't be quite so concerned and unfamiliar with everything that's going on," explained KPS RN Susan Puckett.

The kids get a firsthand look at what hospital beds, x-rays, surgical rooms, and other equipment are like.

Lindsy Zechmann's kids have all taken the trip now and she believes it's a great introduction for young ones.

"I think it's great. There are a lot of parts and pieces to a visit at the hospital and I think they need to know that it's a safe and friendly environment for them to come and get better," said Zechmann.

This is the 41st year Good Samaritan has hosted kindergarten days.

Officials said that by Thursday's end nearly 700 kinds in the area will have participated this year.

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