Nebraska American Legion Convention Meeting In Kearney


The Nebraska chapter of the American Legion, sharpening their focus in Kearney. Besides electing new officers, veteran's health care is also on the minds of members.. Officials say some of the things affecting veterans are not happening in Nebraska, and the national commander says as he travels to different state conventions, there's one common concern that unites every chapter. "They just want what they have earned. They fought, they put the uniform on , they raised their hand, said they defend our nation in the time of war," said American Legion National Director Dan Dellinger. "They came back and what they want is a good education, jobs, benefits, and the best care possible." But that's just part of the picture. Community service is a big piece of the American Legion, with programs like Boys and Girls State which teaches youth about government and beyond. "You go around and talk to people and you talk to people and you say 'I went to Girls State' and everyone has gone, all these people have gone, I would have never guessed it," said Girls State Governor Abigail Allen. "So it's a huge network of people and so it's absolutely amazing to be involved with that."

This weekend's convention also included the Legion Auxiliary and Sons of American Legion.

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