Nebraska Farmhouse Antiques


A few school kids on a history class scavenger hunt wander through Nebraska Farmhouse Antiques in Arnold. With over 140 consigners and treasures from every era, the store surprises everyone who walks through the doors.
"I carry a little bit of everything and found that's done well. I've been able to stay open all these years," said owner Kim Beshaler.
Kim's love of antiques began when she was a newlywed. She and her husband lived in his grandparents' old farmhouse and they found items to use around their home. Later on she had a booth at the antique store in town and eventually decided to buy the whole thing and rename it Nebraska Farmhouse Antiques.
"I started collecting all those years ago and I have loved it ever since and now I've found a
way to make some money at it."
Shoppers browse through items of yesterday but many Nebraska made products also fill the shelves. In the last year, they've added coffee, lattes, and smoothies to the mix. Being truly unique, the coffee beans are roasted right on site.
"I love to visit with people and I think this is the best place to do that," said customer Kay Lohmiller.
While many locals sit down and order their favorite cup of joe, Nebraska Farmhouse Antiques sees visitors from all over the country every year.
"They just seem to enjoy being here. I don't know what it is. It's Kim. It's what she brings to the place, just her warm and welcoming personality, it's fun and very comfortable," said Merri Jo Halstead.
The girls found everything on their scavenger list and then some. Like everyone else who comes in, they're shocked to see everything found at a Nebraska Farmhouse.
Every cup of coffee with whipped cream gets an extra treat. They top it off with one of the signature roasted beans covered in chocolate.

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