New Museum Sculpture Is Fun Way To Honor Hometown Heroes


A local museum goes to the dogs as a respectful way to honor our hometown heroes. A dalmatian puppy named "R Hero" is the newest addition to the Nebraska Firefighter's Museum and Educational Center. The sculpture is one of only 20 in existence -- others are in bigger cities like Los Angeles and Detroit. Kearney is the smallest community to receive one. It was unveiled Sunday as a reminder of the dedication and respect for first responders, law enforcement and military. "I think a lot of times we forget about our local hometown heroes -- fire, rescue, law enforcement -- until we actually need them and then we realize how much we really do need them," said museum director Ali Abler. "So this sculpture is supposed to be a conversation starter for our teachers, parents to really teach their children how much dedication there is to our heroes."

The sculpture was presented on behalf of The Hero In You Foundation, which strives to inspire the next generation of heroes.

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