Shelter Dogs Trained as Diabetic Alert Canines


A local shelter is calling it a win/win situation -- some of their canines are being adopted and trained as diabetic alert dogs.

Central Nebraska Humane Society Executive Director Laurie Dethloff says she was approached by Heads Up Hounds about the idea.

Three of their dogs are now going through training.

When they're done, they'll be able to smell changes in blood and detect a diabetic seizure.

"It is amazing what these animals are capable of given the right training," said Dethloff. "Then there are some that just like to play, but we do have some very smart animals at the shelter."

Heads Up Hounds hooks shelter dogs up with this life-saving training.

"What an awesome thing to go from a shelter to now being a life companion, saving lives after your life was saved," said Dethloff.

She says the Humane Society will assess their animals as they come in and possibly recommend more dogs to the group.

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