Suspicious Door-to-Door Sales Calls Reported


As the weather continues to be warm the North Platte Police Department often sees an increase in Itinerant Sales Permits throughout the city for door to door sales people. Even though there are a lot of honest hard working door to door sales people there are still some that cross the line.

Recently, the department has responded to more than one suspicious person complaint regarding at least two women from Estonia soliciting door to door for "Global Education Concepts" in an attempt to sell children's books.

Further inquiries into the validity of the business have revealed the real name to be Southwestern Advantage out of Nashville, TN.

A representative from the company confirmed that European college students are in Nebraska communities selling educational children's books.

The representative said they are college interns with Southwestern Advantage, a Nashville-based publisher and that Global Education Concepts is a separate sister-company in their corporate family.

On Friday, one of the women was cited for not possessing an Itinerant Sales Permit, which individuals are required by municipal ordinance to pay for per-day during the time period they intend to solicit or make sales.

The representative from Southwestern said, "They have received over 100 hours of training before beginning, and they are instructed to obtain necessary sales permits and check-in with police before selling our products."

These door to door sales representatives have been targeted by recent Facebook posts and concerns by the public throughout the Midwest and in North Platte for possibly being involved in a "sex trafficking ring" of young girls.

The NPPD has no information at this time that would lead them to believe this is true and Southwestern also said that "the trafficking rumors are completely false and unsubstantiated."

The police department encourages citizens to call law enforcement immediately if the sales person becomes too aggressive, refuses to leave, threatens them or pushes their way into a home. Citizens also have the right to ask to see the Itinerant Sales Permit to make sure that they are legitimate.

If citizens don't feel comfortable about a door to door sales person they should remember that they don't have to do business with them.

The North Platte Police Department is asking that citizens work together to report problems that may arise and to help make North Platte a safer place to live and work.

More information on Southwestern Advantage can be found at and

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