The Rights to Your Property

Following the Department of Environmental Quality's evaluation, and some changes to its route, Governor Dave Heineman provided his support of the TransCanada Keystone XL Pipeline project. The power of large companies taking over could become reality if that project is approved, but landowners should be compensated fairly for the use of their land, and one lawmaker says she'll make sure that happens.

Senator Annette Dubas introduced LB 152 which deals with eminent domain in Nebraska. Sen. Dubas said, "I understand the purpose of eminent domain- Do we like it? No. Essentially it's a taking of property so it's something that should be done carefully and mindfully so our land owner's rights are

The senator has worked with land owners in the past for wind development projects and said the proposed eminent domain bill is similar but it isn't just about the Keystone Pipeline.

Dubas said the bill will need some changes, because she's hearing arguments on both sides but hopes the outcome will ease landowner fears. "The eminent domain bill I introduced stemmed from the pipeline issue but I've heard from people who had issues with NRD's and some other government entities so the bill is pretty broad."

The senator says landowners should be able to negotiate the best… and most fair agreement…

"I would think no matter what side of the matter you're on as far as support or opposition to my bill, there would be an agreement that we need to have common sense legislation dealing with eminent domain it's an emotional issue we need to make sure there is no abuse of it."

The hearing date for that bill is set for January 30.

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