Woodhead Joins Team Jack Foundation


The Team Jack Foundation has announced that Danny Woodhead has joined the fight against pediatric brain cancer by participating in the Team Jack All-Stars.

Woodhead, the 2006 and 2007 Harlon Hill Trophy award winner, and current running back for the San Diego Chargers, has agree to let the Team Jack Foundation to create an awareness t-shirt bearing his name.
"It is such an honor for our Foundation to have someone of Mr. Woodhead's caliberrepresenting us in the fight against one of the leading cancer causes of death in children" saidAndrew J. Hoffman, chairman of the Team Jack Foundation. "Mr. Woodhead exemplifies whatTeam Jack is all about. A Nebraska based movement with Nebraska values and work ethic."
T-shirts are available on-line at TeamJackFoundation.Org. Proceeds from the sale of theDanny Woodhead Team Jack Awareness t-shirt will go towards helping support pediatric braincancer research.
The Team Jack All-Star Team was started by the Team Jack Foundation. The Team JackFoundation, as well as Team Jack t-shirts and other brain tumor awareness shirts, is also offering shirts that have been specially designed and printed for current professional athletes and Husker celebrities that have chosen to support the Team Jack Foundation.
The foundation is committed to helping raise money for pediatric brain cancer research. It was founded by the family of Jack Hoffman, a 7-year old Nebraska boy who is best known for his friendship with Rex Burkhead and his 69-yard touchdown run on April 6, 2013 at the Nebraska Spring Game.
Proceeds from the sale of items at the Team Jack online store as well as donations, will help support pediatric brain cancer research. For more information go to: TeamJackFoundation.Org.

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