"Citizen scientists" wanted to track eclipse

eclipse training 3.png

The eclipse gives you a chance to be a scientist in your own backyard.

Earlier this summer Raising Nebraska teamed up with Hastings College to put on workshops to help teachers get ready for the total solar eclipse on August 21.

They're asking school classes to keep track of the temperature, but they're also opening it up to anyone who wants to be a citizen scientist.

Extension Educator Beth Janning of Raising Nebraska says all you have to do is track the weather, and later enter it to a website.

"And then once that data is in we'll also have a map so you'll be able to see the temperature change. and we're hoping we'll be able to tell where the eclipse moves through based upon the citizens and everybody's temperatures that they inputted," she said.

She said temps could drop 10 degrees or more during the eclipse.

And not only do they want data from those in the path of totality, but they want temperatures from across the country to get a good comparison.

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