Donating blood saves lives, reasons to give at upcoming NTV Blood Drive

A blood drive is being held in Springfield on Thursday (WRSP)

According to the American Red Cross, someone in the United States needs blood every two seconds.

Next month, NTV News will help make sure the blood supply is there for those in need with our Tri-Cities blood drive.

The Red Cross also says 36,000 red blood cells are needed every day in the United States. The blood could be used to save a life or get someone back on their feet again.

Workers at Kearney Regional Medical Center say they see many patients who need it. It could be a newborn baby or an older adult. Workers at the hospital say giving back is key.

"It might be what a patient needs to get through a very difficult surgery or to get them back to feeling good after they had a newborn baby," said Hospital Manager Corlis Kozera.

Having a good volume of blood at the hospital is important. Workers says if they did not, someone could die.

"By always being prepared because people have donated we have been able to save lives," Kozera said.

Also, because of the expiration date on the blood, they say it is good to keep a steady supply at the hospital.

"Blood products have a limited shelf life. Red blood cells that we have in the fridge here are only good for 42 days once they're drawn. So, it's constantly needing to be replenished," said Blood Bank Specialist Trudy Connors.

Many lives have been saved from people receiving blood.

"People came in here in a situation where they really needed blood and we were able to provide it and it changed their life," Kozera said. "They were able to go back home, go back to the farm, be a dad again and be a grandpa again."

Kearney Regional says they gave over 1,000 blood products to patients last year thanks to donors.

The Tri-Cities blood drive with the Red Cross will be held on May 1. Locations to donate will be at the Kearney Evangelical Free Church, Hastings Evangelical Free Church and the Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) in Grand Island.

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