A new on–demand car service is coming to the tri–cities

Liberty Mobility Now (KHGI)

Liberty Mobility Now is a car service based in Lincoln that can be ordered the moment someone needs it, or in advance.

"We're the only mobility service in North America that is providing rides in rural areas," said Liberty Central Nebraska Area Manager, Bobbi Pettit "If you're downtown and you suddenly need a ride home at one in the morning, we will try to meet that demand for you, but that's not the only reason we're here, that's just a small piece."

Their main goal is to remove transportation barriers, allowing anyone to get employment, or a medical appointment.

"This is a service that will help these people that live in the outlying area that don't have access to a ride to get to their appointments," said Liberty driver, Ronald Campbell. "That is the main reason that I started, that I wanted to work for Liberty."

It is Campbell's own personal experience that led to his passion for transportation freedom.

"Please excuse me, I get a little bit broken up about this," said Campbell. "My wife was disabled for 12 years, then she developed breast cancer and I drove a truck over the road and it was really hard for me to get home to take her places. So, we needed somebody that could do it but there is nothing in this area like this service."

A ride costs a $1.10 booking fee plus one dollar a mile. Drivers get eighty cents each dollar per mile.

"Drivers are a vital component right now to bringing this service to central Nebraska," said Pettit.

Once the service is up and running it will be easy to order or schedule a Liberty ride. Simply call 844-745-4237 click or tap.

"We have a 24/7 call center in Lincoln, or we have an app that you can download on your phone, or you can also go online and book right through that," said Pettit.

In order to get this ride service up and running, a few more drivers need to apply.

Qualifying drivers are over 21, have a four door vehicle, and can pass background check. To apply, sign up here or call (308) 392-3108.

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