A relaxing experience may come from floating

Harbor Floats and Massage (KHGI)

There's a business that's recently opened in Kearney and owners say they're bringing a new level of relaxation to the area.

Salt water floating, it's a concept that was first created in the '50s and according to Float Works History, the float pod was perfected in the '70s. Many people, including myself, who have floated, say the experience is hard to describe, but for some it's now become a part of their "self care" ritual.

"A float pod is essentially relaxation in a controlled salt water environment," said Harbor Floats and Massage owner and spa manager, Traci Turek.

The Harbor float pods have about 1200 pounds of Epsom salt and only 150 gallons of water, allowing guests to float effortlessly.

"Recent research is showing that floating is helping relieve symptoms with stress, anxiety, depression and PTSD," said Turek.

Harbor owners said the water temperature is the same as your body's and each pod has soothing lights and music.

"Some people go in there and shut both of them off to kind of have that sensory deprivation environment and kind of shut the whole world out while they're floating," said Turek.

Users said floating clears the mind and relaxes the body, including busy mom of two, Allie Eversole.

"When I'm done I just feel like I have my head back on straight, level headed, I have a lot more patience at my house with my kids," said Eversole. "At peace, I think, is more of a good term, just calm."

Co–owner Matt O'Neill has been practicing physical therapy in Kearney for 14 years.

"When you experience an injury you start to change, your brain starts to change a little bit," said O'Neill.

He said in his practice, he can get rid of his clients' pain, symptoms maybe even cause of pain but he can't change their mentality.

"This is that thing that does what I can't do in the clinic setting," said O'Neill. "You don't really know how truly stressed out you are until it's truly gone."

Harbor Floats and Massage is open seven days a week from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. The spa also offers massages and has an infrared sauna.

Prior to booking, there are a few things to consider: users cannot float for 2 weeks immediately following getting their hair dyed, a week following a spray tan, while a tattoo is healing, or with an open wound. There also may be restrictions for users with any infectious skin or foot disorder.

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