Emerging McCook designer heading to Omaha Fashion Week

MPE Designs (KHGI)

After years of sewing Mackenzie Esch, a college student and emerging fashion designer from McCook, is heading to Omaha Fashion Week and she said this is a great opportunity she is lucky to have.

"It has been a ton of fun to work on these dresses for Omaha Fashion Week and get to actually put my skills to work," said Esch.

These are skills she has been perfecting for many years.

"I started sewing when I was about five when I was in 4H," said Esch. "If I didn't do 4H, I probably never would have started sewing."

However, her passion did not become a dream profession until she was older.

"I didn't really decide I wanted to continue to do fashion design until I was in high school and I started designing my own kind of patterns and then I decided to take fashion merchandising as a major," said Esch.

Now, she mainly designs formal fashions.

"I kind of started doing my own homecoming dresses when I was in high school and then I got the chance to make my sisters bridesmaids dresses this last summer," said Esch. "So, that was the first time I actually designed for other people and it was a ton of fun."

These dresses inspired the designs that will soon be revealed on the runway.

"So, my collection is based off of a city of lights," said Esch. "So, all of the beading in my dresses actually is supposed to resemble the lights in the dark sky at night in a city. So, all of the dresses have beading and they're all different pink colors with a little bit of black in them."

Esch will be in the Emerging Designers Showcase, at Omaha Fashion Week on March 2. Her designs, along with other pieces seen on the runway, will be for sale at Shop The Runway on Sunday.

Tickets can be purchased here.

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