Filming in Nebraska: a modern re-imagining of Willa Cather's O Pioneers!

Fortunate Country (KHGI)

Filming is underway for a Nebraska based short film, Fortunate Country. It's a modern re-imaging of Willa Cather's O Pioneer! using local actors and extras.

"This film is basically about small town Nebraska and the relationships founded here and the friendships and the romances that kind of blossom and come from small towns like this," said Omaha based actress, Regina Palmer.

"I play a character named Mia Peters," said Palmer. "She's best friend to Erin and wife to Frank, I was about to say husband, and their relationship is tumultuous to say the least, if not borderline abusive. It is abusive."

"Frank is just, he used to be kind of the high school football star, yup the small town hero, who unfortunately life just kind of dealt him a nasty hand after that," said actor Aaron McCauley, playing the role of Frank Peters. "Unfortunately that anger and aggression comes out on his wife Mia."

"[Mia] reconnects with an old friend who went out of town for college named Erin and as they're reconnecting they also rekindle this little romantic spark," said Palmer."

"Bringing to life this idea of LGBT rights and kind of racism and the undertones of that in Nebraska that I believe is so important," said McCauley.

"And still prevalent," said Palmer.

"Just being able to bring that vision to this film has been so helpful," said McCauley.

To hear from the writer, producer and cinematographer, watch the first story here.

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