Homes and businesses cleaning up after strong winds and heavy flooding hit McCook

McCook Cleanup (KHGI)

Tuesday night McCook was hit by the storm.

According to the Red Willow Sheriff, Emergency Manager Alan Kotschwar, winds reached approximately 65 miles per hour causing downed trees.

Homeowner, Ron Kotschwar was home at the time of the storm.

"Well we were listening to the storm a little bit kind of watching a little bit, and then we sat down and watched TV and we heard a boom and the power started flickering and then the power went out and then after a while it came back on," said Kotschwar. "I looked out the front door I saw a tree on my porch that wasn’t there before. It was pretty amazing.”

Five inches of rainfall resulted in rushing water and closed multiple streets and flooded parking lots, including Mac's Drive-In.

"Water was probably like knee high in some places waist high and we had water coming in about everyplace that it could but no major damage," said manager Jenni Maynard. "We're up and running today so we feel really lucky that it wasn't as bad as it could have been."

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