Meet the Candidate: Chris Janicek for U.S. Senate

Chris Janicek

Omaha businessman Chris Janicek is hoping to be the democrat on the ballot for U.S. Senate in the general election.

"I couldn't get behind any of the nominees that were currently running and I feel I'm the one to beat Deb Fischer this Fall," he said.

On Gun Policy:

"We have to come together on this issue and we have got to do some common sense gun reform and we have to do it now," said Janicek. He told NTV he doesn't support any bans, but does support an age requirement, 60 to 90 day waiting period, psychological exam and training for potential gun owners. He also said those guns should be registered at the state and national level.

On Immigration:

"We need to fast track these DACA kids, otherwise known as the Dreamers, we need to fast track them to documentation status and put them on a path to citizenship," said Janicek. He said he does not support a new border wall. Instead, he said that money should be used to reinforce security at the border and bolster border control.

On Tax Reform:

"The tax cuts that were put into place are ridiculous," said Janicek. "Come next year we're going to have to start paying for this out of our pockets."

Janicek said he would have supported at 29% corporate tax rate and cuts to the individual rate of 1% or 2%.

On Trade:

"This is absolutely ridiculous. The NAFTA works perfectly. It allows free trade between Mexico, the United States and Canada as needed basis. Messing with that is suicide."

On North Korea:

"This is something that North Korea, South Korea, China need to work out among themselves."

On Russia:

"The Russian meddling and the Russian interference should be the #1 concern we as U.S. citizens should have."

On the Affordable Care Act:

"That's one of the first things I'm going to do when I get elected as senator from Nebraska. We are going to solve this health care problem because I don't want people in our state waking up every day and worrying about healthcare needs."

Janicek said he wants to get insurance, marketplace and medical industry representatives to come together with the government to find a solution.

On Me Too Movement:

Janicek blasted the Trump Administration, saying women are under attack.

"Everyone that's accused of any kind of sexual harassment or something that they shouldn't be doing needs to be fully investigated with due process of the law."

On Campaign Funding:

"When we win the primary we will start fundraising and we are going to 100% grass roots."

Janicek faces democrats Frank Svoboda, Jane Raybould and Larry Marvin in the primary.

Republicans Senator Deb Fischer, Jack Heidel, Dennis Macek, Jeffrey Stein and Todd Watson are also running.

Jim Schultz is the lone libertarian candidate and advancing to the general election.

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