Meet the Candidate: Larry Marvin for Senate

Larry Marvin for Senate

Larry Marvin, of Fremont, is one of the democrats running for U.S. Senate in Nebraska.

"We're still not getting any attention in Washington D.C. and getting representation that we need," said Marvin, who has run for the position three times before.

On Gun Policy:

"I think what we have to do is if a school expels a kid for bad behavior or unjustly expels him they just as well know that that child might come back and retaliate," said Marvin.

He calls is "derelict behavior of our paid people who are paid to protect our kids." Marvin said, "if they don't have self esteem they don't respect life of anybody's life."

He said he supports a weapons ban "with limitations."

On Immigration:

Marvin brought up the North American Free Trade Agreement when talking about Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipients.

"If we already have the pathway because once that pathway's there all we need is a paragraph and the paragraph will say the citizens of these below listed countries, all birth certificates, marriage certificates, baptism certificates, driver's license, etc. are accepted in each and every nation," he said.

Marvin said building a border wall is "a distraction."

On Trade:

Marvin said the U.S. needs to look at imbalances and update trade agreements.

"[President Trump is] turning things upside down. We don't like what he's doing. It frightens us to a certain amount, but of all the presidents I've made more money under Donald Trump than I have any other president."

On International Tensions:

"How do we determine the definition of friend?"

On the #MeToo Movement:

"We're in denial. We're not bullies, but to other people we are," said Marvin. "We have to get to the victim and listen to the victim."

On Campaign Funding:

"My campaign is basically [funded] 100% by Larry Marvin, myself," said Marvin who said it's illegal to sell a vote.

Marvin faces democrats Chris Janicek, Jane Raybould and Frank Svoboda in the primary election.

Republicans Senator Deb Fischer, Jack Heidel, Dennis Macek, Jeffrey Stein and Todd Watson are also running.

Jim Schultz, of Lincoln is the one libertarian in the race.

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