Meet the Candidate: Neb. incumbents asking voters to send them back to Washington, D.C.


Incumbents Senator Deb Fischer and Representative Adrian Smith are both asking to return to Washington, D.C.

Smith asked for your vote in the May primary election during NTV's Third District Congressional Debate.

"Appreciate the opportunity to be highly involved in the tax reform, historic tax reform that has taken place, but a lot of people said wouldn't be able to be done and we're already seeing the positive impact for folks with increased wages, bonuses," said Rep. Adrian Smith. "We need to address this $20 trillion debt in a substituent way with long term thinking and we need to think longer term about the future of our country, whether it's social security, whether it's trade policy, whether it's ag policy."

Sen. Fischer told NTV she's been effective in the U.S. Senate.

"Working together with Nebraskans the last six years we've gotten a lot of things done and it is working with Nebraskans to do it," said Fischer. "I work hard. I'm straight forward. We've passed a highway bill, tax reform, confirmed judges, passed legislation that deals with opioid addiction, 21 Century Cures Act that is going to provide more funding for research into certain diseases, anti-sex trafficking bills."

Fischer said she has more to do, like finish a Farm Bill and work on infrastructure legislation. Learn more by clicking the video above.

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