New ice vending machine helps keep coolers cold around the clock

Polar Station.JPG

It's going to be a hot Memorial Day weekend, but there's a new option for cooling down in Kearney.

The Polar Station is a 24 hour, seven days a week vending machine for purified water and ice.

The owners said the water goes through 8 filters, and is hit by UV rays.

"It's just wonderful crystal clear ice," said owner Jan Rodehorst. "The ice has not been defrosted a little and then refrozen into a block that you have to drop on your tailgate or your garage floor and so it's ready to pour right into your cooler or take home for your beverages."

They sais another benefit is convenience.

"Insert your payment, choose whether you want a 12 or a 20 pound bag, the ice fills the bag, I can grab a twist tie and take it home," said Rodehorst.

To grab a bag, simply visit Polar Station in the parking lot of Builders on 2nd Avenue.

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