Open for Business: A Cairo coffeehouse hopes customers sit an stay awhile

The Medina Street Vault (KHGI)

There's a new business that's opened in Cairo, and for some, it's becoming a daily destination. The owner of The Medina Street Vault said she wants everyone to treat the coffeehouse and bistro like it is their own living room, getting lost in conversation with good friends.

"People will get lost here for four hours, five hours,"said owner, Jenna Schweitzer. "It feels like you're just having people over to your house and I love that and I love that people in the community are taking advantage of that."

The family owned coffeehouse specializes in a locally sourced, scratch–made menu.

"We try to just really bring back whole ingredients," said Schweitzer. "So, you know our cinnamon rolls we start strictly just 100 percent from scratch, and that we know exactly what goes into everyone. On a couple of our sandwiches, our meats we actually start and we cook up. How we cook at home, that's how we cook here."

For some customers, it's this scratch–made food and family environment that brings that brings them in day after day.

"You always see a smile every time you come in here, that's kind of nice," said customer, Kirby VanWinkle. "We try to make it here every day, it gets mom out of the house. We usually always see somebody we know here and it's good food and good coffee."

The Medina Street Vault has been open for about three months, and they said business is busy.

"We've gotten a ton of response from, well especially Cairo, I mean everyone's so good to us here but then Ravenna, Boelus, Wood River, and even now we're hitting a lot of Grand Island traffic so we've got very, very good response."

The Medina Street Vault can be found at 223 S. High Street in Cairo. Their hours and menu can be found on their facebook page.

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