Open for Business: Baked serving up made-from-scratch sweets


There's a new business in Minden and they are baking up some sweet treats.

Teacher by trade, Baked, L.L.C. owner Brenda Alberts has always loved being in the kitchen.

"My grandma was a great cook so I learned some things from her until she passed away and I just kind of self–taught myself," said Alberts. "I did do a semester of culinary school so that was kind of fun then just decided this was the right time to come and follow my dream because I've always said, I want to do a small bakery."

Now, she serves up a rotating menu of made–from–scratch items.

"Nothing is made from a mix, so if anyone wants to come in and say what's in this, I can tell you exactly what's in it," said Alberts. "Most days we'll have some kind of a cinnamon roll. For instance, this week we've had maple cinnamon rolls, we've had bourbon caramel pecan cinnamon rolls and today we just have a regular vanilla iced cinnamon roll so it's similar but different."

Friday is their third day open, and so far, business is going great.

"We've been pretty, pretty blessed," said Alberts. "We've sold out both days. So, I keep trying to bake more. I'm the only one here so it's hard to match that need with demand so I get here early and bake what I can and when we sell out we have to close but that gives us more time to prepare for the next day."

With success comes plans for the future.

"The other kind of component that I want to do is pull in some Nebraska products, so I have some Nebraska honey coming for me," said Alberts. "Then a friend of mine, she makes her own jams and jellies, and so we're going to try incorporate those into serving our customers as well as maybe selling them a little retail too."

Give Baked a try by visiting them on Brown Avenue, Monday through Friday from 6 a.m until 2 p.m. or Saturday from 7 util noon.

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