Open for Business: D&D Discounts bring deals to Grand Island shoppers

D & D Discounts (KHGI)

It all began a few years ago—selling discounted items through "buy and trade" sites and e–commerce, but this side hustle became a full time job when the Tuxhorns's welcomed their new baby into the world.

"I was a restaurant manager, and then when we had our little girl I decided to kind of branch off and have our own little store so that way I could bring her to work with me," said owner Deidre Tuxhorn.

Now, D & D Discounts is a brick and mortar stop that still sells the items they are known for.

"One of our main things that we've sold, probably for three years, is bamboo sheets and comforters," said owner, Deidre Tuxhorn. "So, we're kind of known as that we had several people come in on our grand opening and 'Are you guys the ones that sell the bamboo sheets?' So, that's kind of what we're known for, that's our main seller that we've sold forever and we will sell forever."

However, that's not all they carry. They stock a variety of products from clothing, to electronics and even furniture, and all at discounted prices.

"That's what our love is, you know, to see somebody come out of here with a brand new merchandise that they maybe paid 40, 50 percent of retail of and just seeing those smiling faces," said owner, Derek Tuxhorn.

They say the experience has been exciting and scary at the same time.

"This is our retirement, this is our savings, this is our investment for the rest of our life," said Derek. "So, kind of a scary jump at first but we wouldn't have done it if we weren't confident and didn't think it could go somewhere."

The address and business hours for D & D Discounts can be found here.

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