Open for Business: Mother and daughter-in-law duo opens comfortable, chic boutique

Edith Joi Boutique (KHGI)

Mother and daughter-in-law duo, Jocelyn and Stacey Johnson took a leap of faith, and opened Edith Joi: a comfortable, chic women's boutique in Kearney.

"She and I didn't really know each other that well when we started this," said Stacey.

Prior to opening Edith Joi about six months ago, neither women had owned a boutique.

"It was terrifying," said Jocelyn. "It was a little scary, but we have gotten really close because of this," said Stacey. "It's amazing how you just have to place, you know, all of your trust in someone and it's made us really close and have a really good relationship, so it's been really positive for us."

The name of their shop represents this bond.

"Edith Joi is our middle names, my middle name is Edith and Stacy's is Joi," said Jocelyn.

They describe their boutique as "style and grace in a comfortable space."

"We want people to feel like they can come here and trust us and feel comfortable and find comfortable clothes," said Stacey. "Not feel like its fussy or anything like that. We have a classic style that can stay in your closet for a long time and look really nice"

They feel supporting their community is just as important as supporting each other.

"Our tshirts are made at Saylor Screen Printing, so it's local, we have the jewelry line that's made locally here," said Jocelyn. "Yes, and then our store photographer is Katie Autree Photography and she's super talented, working locally with a lot of local vendors and businesses has been really big for us too. I think people appreciate that, knowing where their products came from."

Edith Joi is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. or Saturday from noon until five p.m. They also offer private shopping events by appointment.

Their shop is located at 5110 2nd Ave Suite C in Kearney.

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