Outdoor Files: Nebraska Rivers


Some of you have already undertaken float trips down our many Nebraska rivers. But several months of such fun remain.

A great resource for learning more about rivers you can canoe, kayak or even tank down can be found at OutdoorNebraska.org Once there, in the search box, just type Water Trails to link up to pages about the various rivers and their characteristics. You’ll find a list of outfitters, which rivers they service and with what extent of craft. Launching livestock watering tanks started in Nebraska. They are slower than canoes or kayaks but offer views in all directions as you slowly spin downstream. They comfortable hold at least four and virtually impossible to tip over. Relax in your lawn chair, coolers and snacks nearby. What a great way to talk and laugh with family and friends. Last I checked, there were outfitters offering tanking on parts of at least five rivers: Calamus, Middle Loup, Niobrara, Cedar and Elkhorn.

Game and Parks has a schedule of family fishing events planned where volunteers assist you with getting started in the lifestyle. We supply equipment and bait if you don’t have any. Such events are coming up June 2nd at Kearney’s Yanney Park, June 6th Omaha’s Benson Park, June 7th at Mormon Island near grand Island and Lincoln’s Oak Lake. Review the calendar at OutdoorNebraska.org/familyfishing.

And if you’re looking for both fun and educational ideas with your kids, take some photos of wildflowers, tree leaves, butterflies, birds. Take along field guides or back at home, compare those photos with online picture sources. Maybe start up a outdoor picture file or nature journal to see how many species you can document this summer.

Until next week I’m Ralph Wall reminding you time outdoors is time well spent.

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