Outdoor Files: Nebraska Trout Slam


Good morning. A grand slam in baseball is a home-run with a runner on every base. The term slam has been hijacked to apply to some hunting scenarios. If you successfully harvest all the turkey species in North America, that would be a turkey slam. Well now Game and Parks has established something we think will be fun, the Nebraska Trout Slam.

Trout are not native to the state but they have been stocked here and thrive in our colder waters around the state. I’m talking rivers, streams and some lakes mostly in scenic areas of western and northern Nebraska. To encourage the exploration of these habitats, we invite anglers to complete the trout slam.

To qualify for the award, anglers must catch and photograph each of the four species: Brook. Brown. Rainbow. And Cutthroat Trout. Those who complete the slam will receive a certificate and a pin. I’m going to ask you to go to our website Once there, in the search box just type trout slam to get to the information page on this endeavor. You can read up on the rules and regulations, how to enter. You’ll find maps on where to best fish for the trout varieties. The Nebraska Trout Slam. Learn more at

A week from today, February 12th, the Light Goose Conservation Order opens in Nebraska. It runs into April in 3 different zones across the state. The order began in 1999 as a way of addressing an over abundance of light geese and the damage they cause to the arctic ecosystem. The help reduce these bird numbers, the Order differs from a regular hunting season with eased restrictions. No bag limit. Electronic calls and unplugged shotguns are allowed. Shooting hours are extended. Consult our 2017 Waterfowl guide from Game and parks to be sure you’re in compliance with all the regulations.

The Sandhill Crane migration will be well underway later this month though I’ve known of them to trickle into our Platte Valley as early as mid February. Now is the time to start making your viewing trip plans. Perhaps reserve some viewing blinds at places like the Rowe Sanctuary near Gibbon. Headquarter camp at Fort Kearny, Windmill or Mormon Island State Recreation Areas. I’ll get more into this in my next report, but wanted you to start thinking about this spectacular bird show.

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