Outdoor Files: State parks are hiring seasonal workers


As the weather warms up, more of us will be heading to our parklands to recreate. Along with that comes the need for more help.

Mahoney and Platte River State Parks are especially in need of hiring seasonal workers. Check out all the parks employment possibilities at our website

Here is another website you’ll want to visit soon. That is short for Nebraska Great Parks Pursuit. It is an activity that encourages individuals or teams to try and visit all 20 park locations around the state with these nature posts. Each post has a different design. Trace it on paper or use a phone app to prove you were there. Submit that proof and be eligible for prizes later this summer. Register for free, learn more at The Pursuit begins May 1.

We have already had some great birding opportunities in the state since mid March but May is officially thee month as the full compliment of bird species will have arrived or soon will. Dozens of birding activities are planned around the state next month. Look over the schedule at this website,

Turkey hunters, how was your experience going after gobblers last fall? If you did not receive an email to participate in a survey you can do so by going online to On the homepage, just wait through the rotating pictures for the turkey survey page and click on the image. You have through this Friday the 20th to complete the questionnaire.

Do a little time traveling this Saturday and Sunday at Fort Hartsuff State Historical Park between Burwell and Ord. The spring muster will involve volunteer soldiers and civilians portraying 1860s life on a plains fort. In addition to soldiering, there will be blacksmithing, a surgeon, laundresses, cooks and more. On the Saturday a 5 PM vintage baseball game. On Sunday, 10 AM church and a 2 PM skirmish shootout. Besides the park permit, there will be a small $2 dollar charge for adults, one dollar for children.

Until next week I’m Ralph Wall reminding you time outdoors is time well spent.

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