Outdoor Files: Tax deductible donations to the Nebraska Wildlife Conservation Fund


Good morning. It’s tax preparation time, not a popular subject but also a time you can help wildlife.

Make a tax deductible donation to the Nebraska Wildlife Conservation Fund and help with projects that benefit our state’s wildlife. I'm talking wildlife NOT hunted or fished. And that is a big majority of species. The dollars have a big impact as they're matched with other grants so that one dollar from you and I becomes $4 for aiding wildlife. Look for the Peregrine Falcon logo on your state income tax form, that is where you can designate a dollar or whatever amount of your refund to the project. Even if you don’t have a refund coming or have already filed, there are ways to contribute. Go online to learn more about this important effort at nebraskawildlufefund.org

The idea of launching a canoe or kayak might sound a little too cold right now but now is the time to start planning your float trips. The Game and Parks has some great pages on our website to help you with that. Go to OutdoorNebraska.org and in the search box type Water Trails. You’ll be able to read up on safety tips, regulations, download maps and characteristics of the various rivers. Also a list of outfitters that serve these ventures.

On the subject of planning ahead, do the same with some of your park stays. You can reserve campgrounds or lodging up to a year in advance. Our parks reservation phone number is 402-471-1414.

Until next week, I’m Ralph Wall reminding you time outdoors is time well spent.

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