Outdoor Files: What happened to the Calamus Reservoir sign?


I begin my outdoor report this week with a small mystery. A ‘what happened here’ situation.

This sign was damaged at Calamus Reservoir this late winter but how? An animal? Did a vehicle back into it? I’ll let you think about it for awhile and I’ll have the answer later.

The popularity of paddle sports has been on the rise in recent years. Local development can create and sustain great water trails with a boost to an area’s economy. Game and Parks has put together a guide to assist communities with water trail work. View, download the information at our website

On this subject, a landing project is done at the Bassway Strip Wildlife Management Area between Kearney and Gibbon. This is near I-80 exit 279, about 100 yards east of the Highway 10 bridge over the Platte. An old primitive boat landing has been enlarged, reshaped, resurfaced to better accommodate canoeists and kayakers. You’ll also find an expanded parking lot.

Looking ahead to the next week: Saturday is the start of the youth shotgun season for turkeys. Permits for the youngsters only 8 bucks. Get those permits easily online at In our website search box type the word workshops to register for a Turkey Calling 101 class for beginners. This will be Tuesday evening April 10th at the Outdoor Education Center 44th and Superior in Lincoln. Bring your own calls though some will be provided. There is a $5 dollar fee. If you don’t get pre-registered, there will be some extra materials for walk ins. The Platte River Art Show with artists from 4 states is at Mahoney State Park this Saturday and Sunday. Browse over several mediums, maybe find a new piece for your home, office or cabin. Our first family fishing event of the season is planned from 10-2 this Saturday at Barnett Park in McCook. Equipment and bait provided if you don’t have your own.

Back to our sign mystery. The damaged occurred when the lake’s ice started to melt and break up. High winds blew ice sheets up the shore and boat ramp, chewing out the sign’s bottom. Good sluething if you guessed that answer.

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