Poll turnout falls short of expectations


A preliminary voter turnout of 24 percent, that's according to Secretary of State John Gale.

That falls four percent short of his initial predictions of 28 percent.

In Buffalo County, there's a little over 29,300 citizens registered to vote, according to the election commissioner.

Prior to the election, she said the Secretary of State's prediction was realistic.

"We normally do have about a 20 to 25 percent voter turnout," said election commissioner Lisa Poff. "I mean it's a few percent numbers higher but not a great deal. So, 28's doable."

However, Buffalo County fell about eight percent short of predictions with a voter turn out of 5,979 or 20.3 percent.

The Hall County election commissioner estimated a smaller crowd at the polls, expecting a 23 percent voter turn out.

She said early voter registration is lower this year than years passed. Currently, there are more than 29 thousand registered voters in Hall County.

The commissioner said this may be due to how many candidates are running for elections this year.

Hall County came in shorter than predicted with 7,278 voters showing up to the polls, for a 21.85 percent voter turnout.

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