Students hope to spread kindness using paint and social media

Let kindness Ripple (Youth Leadership Kearney)

The Kearney Downtown Improvement Board met Wednesday morning, unanimously passing funding for a new mural.

Youth Leadership Kearney is 25 juniors from both high schools coming together to spread positivity.

"We figured, rather than kind of trying to create a campaign on social media we could just create something within the community that could ... accomplish that goal for us," said said Youth Leadership member, Ashton Masek.

The mural will be waves and students said it'll blue green and yellow, signifying the two high schools.

"We want the message to be Let Kindness Ripple," said member Benjamin Soria. "We feel that that's a message that we can all connect with and we all support. We just want to spread positivity and allow others to also participate in helping in that as well."

Before they began, the students needed help from the Downtown Improvement Board.

"We are proposing that it will require approximately 1500 dollars to fund this project," said Masek to the board.

The students said they'll be adding a hashtag to the image, in hopes of creating a national conversation.

"With the potential to take pictures by this wall, this message can then be spread through twitter, facebook, snapchat and instagram," said member Kelsey Borowski. "Truly, this has the potential to go nationwide and what a wonderful thing to show how we as Kearney youth want to spread kindness."

After seeing a mock up of the mural, the board unanimously agreed to fund the project.

Now, the students need to finalize the location for the mural. They're planning to paint the image this coming spring.

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