Students show support for classmate receiving bone marrow transplant

ESU 11 Elementary Quiz Bowl (KHGI)

Over 100 students from 13 different schools and competing teams wore matching shirts to show support for a special sixth grade student from Bertrand.

Garrett Scholtz was not expecting to make it to the annual ESU Elementary Quiz Bowl in Holdrege.

"My admit date to the hospital was either a week before or this Friday," said Garrett.

The admit date for Garrett's bone marrow transplant.

"This October in 2018 he relapsed and his leukemia was back," said Garrett's mom, Sara Scholtz. "So we've done chemo and he's in remission right now, and now he's headed for bone marrow transplant."

Sara said Garrett was originally diagnosed with leukemia in July 2014.

"[He] went through all of his treatments for about three and a half years and in October of 2017 finished treatment, finished chemo and for almost a year we lived a completely normal life as we'd like," said Sara.

A completely normal life is still the goal.

Garrett's team didn't win the quiz bowl, but students and staff said they were thrilled to see him there competing.

"It's so awesome to be able to show Garrett our support, and his family our support through this small token as well as it's just fun for us all to be here and be together," said coordinator of gifted education at ESU 11, Janelle Jack.

The Scholtz family said that's important during these turbulent times.

"Just stay the course and stay strong, stay together as a family," said Garrett's dad Mike Scholz.

Sara– "There's always people that are thinking of you and praying for you and sometimes you don't even know who they are and it's amazing the support that's out there for everyone," said Sara.

It's this kind of support that was evident at Wednesday's Quiz Bowl.

"It's really heartwarming knowing that that many people care and that they support him because he means a lot to all of us," said Garrett's sister, Abby Scholtz.

Garrett's family said he will be in the hospital for about 30 days starting this Friday, then from transplant day on, he'll have to be in Omaha for 100 days after that.

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