Two Rivers: Physicals and Immunization

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Physicals/Vision checks:

? Kindergarten - physical exam & vision exam

? 7th grade - physical exam

? Sports

When at the doctor’s office, be sure to have your provider review your child’s immunization records.


? Kindergarten

? Mandatory boosters of: Polio, DTap, Varicella, MMR

? Around age 11-12 years

? Mandatory: Tdap (prior to 7th grade)

? First dose: Meningococcal, HPV

? Hepatitis A if haven’t previously received

Asthma/Allergies/Diabetes/Other health concerns:

? Complete health forms. Talk with the school nurse.

? Assure contact info updated.

? Asthma plan/Allergy plan/Diabetes plan


? In original or pharmacy labeled container with: student’s name, provider’s name, pharmacy name and phone number, name of medication, directions concerning dosage and date of prescription.

? Complete form for school to administer medication. Provide any additional instructs.

For more information visit or

(Courtesy of Two Rivers Public Health Department)

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