More volunteers needed for future election committees

Primary Election Day (KHGI)

With 29 polling place in Buffalo County alone, elections would not be possible with out the help of volunteers.

"We are always looking for new poll workers, especially those that are registered of the democratic, libertarian or non–partisan party affiliation," said Buffalo County election commissioner, Lisa Poff.

According to long-time volunteer Karen Bohac, volunteering is something she feels is important to do and is a pretty simple process.

"It doesn’t take a whole lot," said Bohac. "They’re always looking for volunteers to come help. You have a meeting to go to and stuff before elections each time so we get all the rules in so we don’t break any rules. We’re pretty much by the books here."

To sign up as a Buffalo County election volunteer, walk into the election office or call 308–236–1233.

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