Harvest of Harmony alum return to cheer bands

The Harvest of Harmony Parade has been marching down Grand Island streets for 75 years now.

Saturday, bands sounded their instruments as crowd cheered them on.

For Kevin Wegner, it was a familiar scene.

"It was a very warm feeling. My daughter plays the sax just like I do," he said.

Wegner was on this same street 38 years ago with the Cedar Bluffs band.

"I was in the band when I came here in ‘78 and my daughter is in the band this year. That makes it awesome," he said.

This year Harvest of Harmony had more than 200 entries.

Jerman Marsh traveled from Las Vegas, Nevada to see all of them.

"I got a lot of sentimental attachments and I try to come back every two years to see the Harvest of Harmony, and also for our high school reunion," said Marsh.

For sisters Beverly Markes and Barbara Rafert who graduated from Osceola, it's been years since they've been in the band.

"I didn't realize it had been around 78 years, but thinking back I remember it as a little girl."

"Does it bring back some memories? Yes, it certainly does."

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