Minden High School prepares for Harvest of Harmony

Minden High School prepares for Harvest of Harmony. (NTV News)

For Minden High School's band, the musicians said having a plan helps them get the job done.

The high school said they may have a much smaller band this year.

They have been preparing for weeks with nailing down their marches, making sure they hit those notes and setting a game plan.

John Jacobs, band director at Minden High is a man who has performed within the military for over 20 years.

Jacobs said having the basics ready takes a lot of pressure off these young musicians.

"If the structure is in place and we know where we are supposed to be, when we are supposed to be there, what we are supposed to wear what were supposed to do then that takes a lot of things off our mind,” Jacobs said.

The band has been training to be the best that they can be, these kids say they are ready to take on Harvest of Harmony.

One trumpet player in the band, Brookleyn Gonzalez, said she is determined.

"Again we have the melody you have to know the notes and get the right things. If we're off and you hear a wrong note you can hear it because were really loud and we play high,” Gonzalez said.

A band that is small, Minden tries their hardest to play big for their audience.

Kaden Holsten, a student conductor, explains his role of being the band’s leader, making sure they play together.

"Every now and again I'll hop in and tell them hey you’re doing this, you need to do this and something like that,” Holsten said.

Being in the band gives students an opportunity to learn life lessons.

"Band helps me by learning how to be a good leader and a good role model for my younger siblings and most importantly to keep a schedule,” percussionist Rhiannon Pracht said.

By having an agenda, the band is always together like family and for Jacobs the event is special to him.

"I grew up marching Harvest of Harmony. It’s kind of extra special for me I think because we have three generations of my family that are marching in the parade on Saturday,” Jacobs said.

Coming together being each other’s support system, the whole band is ready to perform on Saturday and show off Central Nebraska what they've got.

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