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Boom! Percussion members love their jobs entertaining

Boom! Percussion strolling show at the Nebraska State Fair
Boom! Percussion strolling show at the Nebraska State Fair
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What would your dream job be if you could pick it? For three men from Phoenix, Arizona their dream is playing percussion.

Boom! Percussion performed this year at the Nebraska State Fair and explain how they began.

“I started this as a labor of love. I was a school teacher for 13 years. I taught general music and band at the elementary school level. I kind of started this on the side but as this started to become more successful I decided that this is where my heart really lies in performing and entertaining,” said leader Michael Richau.

Believe it or not, this is a job the members say they are able to do full time.

“A lot of people aren't expecting that this is something you can do for a living. As long as you are willing to go on the road and really commit to what you are doing,” said Chris Canby.

The words high energy don't really sum up this crew. From the second they hit the stage or the street they are loud very excited to share their music.

“Well I am kind of a loud obnoxious person and this kind of lets me get that loud obnoxious energy out of me in a semi–acceptable way. I can't just go around and yell at people on the streets normally, but if I have a drum on they seem to be OK with it, said Tyler (Wyld) Man Alcorn.

The group members say the stage drums could be described as “found percussion.” They use buckets, pails, trash can lids along with some drums.

“The strolling act is a little more traditional with a really cool modern twist,” said Canby.

There was a lot of entertainment here at the state fair but it might be hard to find a group that looks like they are having more fun at their job.

“The biggest thing is that it is just an absolute blast. It's a lot of fun getting to play some really cool arrangements of really cool music. I like seeing people have a good time. I like putting my energy out to crowds and seeing it reciprocated back. It's the kind of thing I always wanted to do every since I was a little kid,” said Canby.

All three of the members agreed that while their job is pretty unusual they are very pleased they can make money at what they love to do.

“This is what I have wanted to do my entire life. I have wanted to play music professionally and now I am doing it. Really it is just me following my dreams doing this,” said Alcorn.

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Boom! Percussion usually travel only around the South West part of the United States doing all sorts of different events but make exceptions for longer events like the 11 day Nebraska State Fair. They say state and county fairs are probably their favorite places to perform their unique jobs.

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