Central City Public Library honors America's armed forces with white table display

White Table Display

A white table is used as a symbol to honor those who served in America's armed forces.

The table has been set in mess halls and military events.

Central City Public Library has one on display.

There are different items on the table, and each one means something different.

Sara Lee, the director at the library said it really means a lot for them to put on the display.

"They have sacrificed so much in pursuit of our liberty and our freedoms here in the united state," said Lee.

Everything that is placed on the white cloth is a symbol of honor.

"The white cloth honors the soldiers pure heart when they answer the call to duty, the empty chair represents the missing soldier, the black napkin represents the sorrow of captivity, the turned over glass represents a meal that won't be eaten, a white candle symbolizes peace, a red rose, and a glass vase with a red ribbon symbolizes the hope that all service people return home safely," Lee said.

Monte Hopkins, a retired veteran said he remembers the time he served.

"The people that I knew that went over there. Some of them didn't come back," Lee said.

Hopkins hopes the display will make a difference and for people to actually stop and look at it.

"When you put your hand on the Bible and raise your other hand to take the oath of office to go into military, no one knows what it's going to take for you to do that and what you're going to give into it and what it's going to take out of you," he said.

This is the second time Central City Public Library has had the white table on display.

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