Cowboys from Ord tell us about their job on horseback

Cattle Drive near Ord

This story is part of our All in A Day's Work series.

Just like he has thousands of times before, Tom Frazer from near Ord mounts his horse to get to work.

"I graduated from the University of Nebraska in 1974. I came home to ranch with my parents and start a cow herd. I was breaking horses and this was just a good fit," said Tom Frazer.

On this day he and some friends were moving his personal herd of cattle from a fall pasture to a bean field about three miles away.

"We work together to get cattle moved and that is what we spend most of our time doing. We move cattle and get them caught," said Tony Jacoby.

"Yes literally a cowboy for hire. Most of the time they call it day–working. I guess in the old days they worked by the day," said Frazer.

Herding cattle from point A to point B doesn't come without it's challenges but with 45 years of doing this there is probably not a lot Tom hasn't seen.

"Last week we gathered yearlings one day and one day we gathered weaning calves that got away," said Frazer.

Both of these cowboys agreed that the best way to do this job is on horseback.

"ATV's are used a lot now days but when they get to a certain point and they can't get there with a four wheeler they call us in," said Jacoby.

"I like where I can put a horse around cattle, the way I can set up things. You can get a lot done with an ATV. People do, but it is just not for me. Most of the time a horse knows more than you do so you just got to let them work," said Frazer.

As for when each of these cowboys will stop riding, they had similar answers here too.

"Until they put me underground, that is the only thing I can say," said Jacoby.

"I just probably will ride as long as I can," said Frazer.

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