Father writes 'ICU Song' for son born with birth defect

Dad and son sing song dad created when son was born with birth defect (NTV News)

A nine-year-old Callaway boy and his dad have a special bond over a song they share.

Braxton’s father TR wrote it when he was born with a birth defect that caused he and his family to stay in and out of the hospital when he was first born.

Braxton's father TR said the song is intended to demonstrates a family’s love.

"He has what they call short gut syndrome and he's had over 75 surgeries in his nine years," said Braxton’s father TR Anderson.

TR said the song is somewhat a tribute to his wife as well.

He said he wasn't around much when Braxton was in the hospital to work to make money to cover the bills. So, his wife stepped up a lot.

"You know she gave up basically a career and life in general just to be with him all the times," TR said.

Because of Braxton's birth defect he has a special diet.

He didn't learn to eat until he was 5-years-old.

"He takes medications eight times a day,” said Braxton’s mother Cassie Anderson. “He's on IV nutrition at night just to keep his calories up, because since he has short gut he does not absorb all the calories he needs eats so he has to have that to help him."

The words in the song brought hope to a father that struggled when his son was born.

Braxton said the song means so much to him. The two have even sung it together on stage.

"I just like to sing and I like to know how much my dad cares about me," Braxton said.

Braxton has a broviac central line, and because of that it could cause a life threatening infection so with any fever he has to be admitted into the hospital.

Listen to the entire song below:

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