Kearney High students build 1,767 square foot home

The home is 1,767 square feet with a two car garage. (NTV News)

KEARNEY, Neb. — Students in Kearney High School's construction technology class are getting hands on experience, building a house from the ground up.

There are about 25 students in the class.

They built a home with three bedrooms on the first level and two bedrooms in the basement. The home is 1,767 square feet with a two car garage.

The students did everything from pouring foundation, putting in roof sheeting, hanging cabinets and even floor work.

Jeff Shield is the technology instructor at Kearney High School. He said he likes the students to be outside of the classroom working rather than learning the skills from a book.

"I've seen a bigger push of interest for students to get into the construction trades and more taking the class to learn the trade versus just taking a class just to take a class," Shields said.

Kearney High has done the building project for about 43 years.

Nick James who is a junior at Kearney High School said he can use the skills he learned helping build the home outside of the classroom.

"Say my mom says, 'hey I want to change this floor out.' I can say, 'hey I kind of know how to do that.' So, that's super nice and it saves a ton of money," he said.

The home the students built was on the market for about four days before it sold.

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