Museum of Oxford shows off some of the towns deep history

The Museum of Oxford opened about two years ago and it has pieces that date back to World War II.

OXFORD, Neb. — The Museum of Oxford shows off some of the town's deepest history.

The museum was put together by locals in the community who donated some of their most precious items.

The Museum of Oxford opened about two years ago.

It has a railroad room that is filled with about 550 different pieces of china.

They were all donated by Gary Schroeder, who is a a board member with the museum.

"They are all from a railroad dining car, back from years ago," said Schroeder.

Schroeder said they enjoy the visitors who come and appreciate the history.

"People come in here and enjoy what we got. That was the whole deal and we have one individual who really wanted to have the '35 flood as a big subject," he said.

It is a map drawn on the wall that shows the course of the Republican River Flood that swept through Nebraska in the mid-1900s and killed about 94 people.

"It's 12-foot high and 40-foot long and starts at Haigler, Nebraska and goes clear to Superior," said Schroeder.

There is also a camera collection from an Oxford doctor, a blacksmith shop, local artists' collections, and a mascot corner from the old high school and grade school that used to be in Oxford.

"We have their class pictures from 1932 through '58 and then the grade school until the day they closed," he said.

The war room recognizes those who served the country.

"That honors 30 individuals that died in the service or the country from civil war through Vietnam."

The Museum of Oxford has a lot to offer and is located in the old school in Oxford.

The building had been vacant for about 20 years before if was turned into the Museum of Oxford.

Right, now the museum is closed this season, but is open to tour by appointment only.

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