'Nebraska Loves Public Schools' films Kearney High School

"Nebraska Loves Public Schools" filmed at Kearney High School for three days.

A local school is the focus of an Omaha group's project to show off how Nebraska districts prepare students for future.

"Nebraska Loves Public Schools" is making a documentary about Kearney High School.

The group is exploring what students are doing in school and how they plan to apply that after graduation.

"What makes this special for the community and what makes this interesting for Nebraskans who have nothing to do with education who are citizens of the state."

Nebraska Loves Public Schools stepped into classrooms at Kearney High to see what teachers and students are doing with career education.

"We've talked about to them why they are so career focused here and what kind of difference that's made in the lives of students."

The group not only has to set up equipment, but also meet with school staff to learn about the students and more about their program.

That is something Angie Fransk, the assistant principal says is important.

"Get the student's voice and really get to see inside of those classrooms and see those hands on activities that apply and are linked to their interest in maybe of what they would pursue outside of high school."

Something that stood out to Brittany Mascio, the director of marketing of the project is the love the community has for its school system.

"One of the biggest things that were noticing is that Kearney really appreciates their public schools here."

Also, how teachers are committed to making sure their students are on the right path.

"It seems like every teacher is supportive of where each kids future is going to be."

For more information about the "Nebraska Loves Public Schools" project, click here.

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