New mobile food pantry kicks off in Kearney

Produce and other food items were supplied by the Food Bank for the Heartland in Omaha.

The lines for the new Mobile Produce Pantry started as early as 7 a.m. Tuesday right outside the Kearney food bank.

People with bags and buggies left with loads of produce.

The goal of the new mobile food pantry is to deliver healthy choices to people in the community.

"It's just warming to see how many people and how many families you can help in two hours," said RaeLynn Johnson, Nutrition Services Director with the Community Action Partnership of Mid-Nebraska.

Workers at the food bank said they were looking to distribute food to up to 100. 437 people showed up.

"It's great to be able to serve the families, but we also have to remember it's not just our children and the young families. Your elderly are on a fixed income more so than your younger families," said Johnson.

Eva Polanco is someone who is on a budget.

She says the mobile food pantry helps her save a lot of money.

"I'm on limited income because I get social security, but I do buy what I can. I try to buy when it's on sale and stuff, but we eat it too fast I guess," said Polanco.

According to a Feeding America report, in Buffalo County the food insecurity rate is at 12.2%, and 18.3% for children.

"There's a lot of people that can't afford to buy a lot of food and this helps, it really does," said Polanco.

Building a healthy community, and helping those people and families with food insecurities, is what the mobile food pantry aims to do.

Feeding America, the Food Bank for the Heartland in Omaha, the Community Action Food Bank in Kearney and volunteers all made the mobile food bank possible Tuesday.

Here is the link to Community Action Partnership of Mid-Nebraska's website where there is more information about the different locations where other food pantries will be held.

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